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Introducing flex-lease   "... a win-win program engineered to save you money!"


What is flex-lease?

Flex-lease is a highly innovative leasing program brought to you exclusively by Trinity Villas! For qualified tenants, flex-lease provides flexible leasing options and allows tenants with long-term interests to enjoy significant savings!


With flex-lease, tenants can structure lease agreements between 1-5 yrs. In most cases, the savings experienced through the flex-lease program can exceed 20 percent! Tenants who choose the traditional one year contract will receive their property at the standard rate however; tenants who are able to commit to longer agreements will enjoy a hefty reduction in their rental rate!


When we save you save too!

Thatís right! The longer the lease the more you save! With traditional one year leases, rental rates have to be designed to cover the likelihood of a turnover occuring during  that period. The fact is, landlords accrue huge expenditures during turnovers (vacancy expenses, marketing, cleaning, etc.) which forces them to make the rental rate high enough to cover those costs. With the flex-lease program, the money that we "donít spend" on turnovers, is passed directly on to our tenants!


How much will I save? 


...Quite a bit! Check out this example!


Say youíre looking at a property of ours and the going rate is $675.00 per month, with a one year lease. With our flex-lease, you can sign up for a longer term and weíll give you immediate discounts! 


Typical flex-lease options:


        Lease         Monthly Deduction        Total Savings

2 yr lease             $25                       $600

3 yr lease             $50                       $1,800

4 yr lease             $75                       $3,600

5 yr lease             $100                     $6,000

As you can see, the terms are up to you, and the savings can be huge!


....wait it get's better!....Try it before you buy it!

Moving into a new residence is full of unknowns and let's face it, you'll never know whether or not you'll like the place until you've lived in it for a while. With our flex-lease program, tenants can start out with a short term lease and then, once they feel comfortable with their housing, choose one of the longer leases and enjoy their rental rate reduction!

How do I get started?

1.      Contact your property manager to apply for the flex-lease program

2.      Select the lease structure that best suites your needs

3.      Start saving money!